Best foods in the world, you should eat once in your lifetime.

We all love to eat delicious food, aren’t we? There are many delicacies which you should taste in their origin countries. There are a few countries that offer unique mouth-watering food which you must try if you are in those countries. You must visit the local food market to experience the best foods in the world, which are cooked by the locals.

Sometimes not just the food but also the way it is cooked and how it is served traditionally.  Let’s find out what you must have on your plate when you are on a trip to the most food-loving nations.

Thailand traditional food

Thailand is a country of street food lovers, where food plays an important part in every social occasion. Thai traditional foods are healthy and easy to cook, you will get all that you want to eat in Thailand. The country has a long sea coast and seafood is readily available in all restaurants. Thai street foods are the best foods in the world for those who want to have a unique street food experience.

Guay Teow, Yam Talay, and Pad Phuk Tong are traditionally popular cuisine. Most Thai people who are living in big cities like Bangkok and Pattaya enjoy their food on the roadside. Thailand is a popular destination for street food. Pad Thai, Chicken Satay, and Mango Sticky Rice are some of the most popular street food in Thailand.

Best food in Italy, you should eat in Italy

Best Foods In The World

Italy has a food paradise for Pizza loving people and is home to much popular food which we love to eat. The country has a rich food culture and you will be amazed to see how locals enjoy their food on every occasion. You will find fresh Italian food full of vegetables and fruits.

Italian Pizza is famous all around the world and its Pasta and Lasagna are equally popular among food lovers. There is some traditional food you must eat while you are in the country, like Focaccia, Ossobuco, and Risotto. These foods are delicious and not easy to find in any other country.

Japanese traditional food

Best Foods In The World

Japan is a country of amazing world-class food as well as crazy bizarre food. Japanese traditional foods are a combination of meat and vegetable. Seafood is very popular among locals and visitors. These food are often very spicy and can go up to very extreme hot in taste.  

Sushi is one of the most popular dishes in Japan which is also famous outside Japan and you can easily find Sushi in a Japanese restaurant near you. Natto Rice Bowl is another popular dish in the Japanese kitchen. You should also try Yakitori, Gyoza, and Onigiri if you are in Japan.

Best traditional Mexican dishes

Best Foods In The World

Mexican dishes are one of the most popular in the world, the best Mexican traditional food is more than tacos and salsa. We eat these kinds of foods as quick bites but the authentic Mexican dishes are more than this. Let’s find out some of the most loved foods in the country and what locals prefer to eat in daily life.

Burritos and Tacos are the most common dishes we know from Mexico but the country has a lot to offer on your plate. Chilaquiles are one such dish that is commonly taken for breakfast by the locals. Enchiladas, Mole, and Pozole are some of the other traditional foods in the country that you must eat.

Chinese food culture and traditional dishes

Best Foods In The World

Chinese foods are the most popular in the world and if you are in the Asian subcontinent you will find Chinese dishes all around you. There are many different cuisines in China, it depends on which province you are in. Most Chinese foods are boiled and a combination of meat and vegetables.

Dumplings and Dim Sum are the most popular dishes among visitors in the country apart from a variety of noodles. Peking Duck, Kung Pao Chicken, Guilin Rice Noodles, and Fish with Sichuan Pickles are some of the most loved foods in the region. Chinese dishes are mostly served with fried rice and noodles.

Best German traditional foods

Best Foods In The World

Germans love to eat sausage and most of the traditional dishes are made with different types of sausages. Locals in Germany enjoy their food on every occasion and you will find most restaurants in the country offers great ambiance. If you are in Germany, you should experience some fine dining restaurants on the street.

Königsberger klopse, which is a kind of meatball is one of the most popular traditional food in Germany. Maultaschen, Labskaus, and Currywurst are some of the most common dishes in the country. You must eat the authentic German Schnitzel and cheese Käsespätzle if you in on a trip to Germany.

Malaysian street foods

Best Foods In The World

Malaysia has a well-diverse food culture and Malaysian street foods are always mouth-watering. You will experience these foods are generally a combination of Local food along with Indian and Chinese cuisine. Locals in Malaysia love to eat street food and may that’s why you will find a number of street markets in most of the cities.

Spicy Mee goreng mamak is one of the most loved foods in the country. Apam Balik, Nasi kerabu, and Nasi lemak are some of the very common dishes you will find in Malaysia. Malaysian Rendang and Kuih is also common dish on various occasion in the local community.

Spanish traditional cuisine

Best Foods In The World

Spain is a top destination for European food enthusiasts and it has a lot to offer on your plate. Spanish traditional cuisines are mostly made from olive oil, Spain is the largest producer of Olive oil. Traditional foods in the country are a combination of seafood and vegetables. Locals love to eat sweet dishes also and you will find many local restaurants selling various sweet dishes.

Paella Valenciana is one of the most loved dishes in Spain and you will find this on every special occasion. Traditional dishes are made of a good combination of spices, Patatas bravas, and Gazpacho is the best examples of that. Spanish Jamón and Pimientos de Padron are also the most cooked dishes in the country.

Singapore street food market

Best Foods In The World

Singaporean cuisines are mostly a combination of Indian, Chinese, and Malay traditions. The best part about food in the country is the way locals eat their food in the various street food markets. You will find a variety of street food markets in Singapore, some are in a packed community, and others with some amazing views of the city.

Hainanese chicken rice is one of the most-served dishes in the country. Local residents of Singapore love sea foods and Chilli crab is always on the top of the menu. Laksa, Hokkien prawn mee, Char kway teow, and Barbecued stingray are some other popular foods in the country.

Popular Indian foods

India has a diverse food culture and you will find different dishes in each Indian state. Foods in the country play an important part in every occasion and festival. You will find a combination of veg dishes as well as non-veg. There are many popular traditional sweets that you should not miss on your next trip to India.

Biryani, Idly and Dosa are the most popular dishes in the southern part of the country. People in the North part of India enjoy eating a variety of meat and vegetable curry with rice and roti. Vada pav, Stuffed paratha, and Dhokla are some of the dishes you should eat, and if you like street food Pani puri and Chaat are the most common foods.

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