Amsterdam travel guide, a journey to the most tourist-friendly city in the world.

A city with art on every corner and the most friendly people.

Amsterdam is the capital city of the Netherlands and one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. The city is famous for its beautiful canals and dazzling nightlife. You can experience the rich Dutch architecture and culture in Amsterdam. There is a lot to add to this Amsterdam travel guide but I’ll be picking the best to visit in the Dutch capital.

The city’s canals have got UNESCO status and attract millions of tourists every year. People in Amsterdam are very friendly and it’s one of the most tourist-friendly cities in Europe. Let’s find out more about what you can do in Amsterdam and the best places to visit when you are in the city.

Things to know

Time zone: Amsterdam, Netherlands (GMT+1)

Currency: Euro, (Current exchange rate)

Languages: Dutch

Country calling code: +31

Tourist police helpline: 112

Tourist information centre (Amsterdam Central Station)

Address: Stationsplein 10, 1012 AB Amsterdam (location)

Contact: +31 (0)20 702 6000


Tourist information centre (Schiphol Airport)

Address: Aankomsthal 2 (Arrivals 2) , 1118 AX Schiphol (location)

Contact: +31 (0)20 702 6000


How to reach Amsterdam?

amsterdam travel guide

Amsterdam is the capital city and is well connected with all major destinations in Europe and the world. If you are traveling from any other country, the best way to reach here is by flight. Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is the fifth busiest airport in Europe and multiple airlines operate from Schiphol Airport.

The Dutch capital is connected with the well-developed road network in the Netherlands and the other part of Europe. If you are in any European country then you can drive your own vehicle or use various bus services to reach Amsterdam. Europe has one of the best train connectivity in the world and there are multiple train services available for the city.

Online ticket booking

Flights: KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

Trains: Eurail

What is the best time to visit Amsterdam?

Amsterdam hosts more than 300 festivals in a single year, so no matter what time you are there you will find the city is jampacked. If you are comfortable with crowds and the summer then you can visit Amsterdam from June till August. April, May, and September till November is the winter time and the weather will be pleasant. During winter there will be less crowd and you can visit the museums and other attractions without any hassle.

How to roam around Amsterdam?

Amsterdam has one of the most affordable and impressive public transportation systems. You can use public buses, metros, trams, and ferries to roam around the city. You can also use a bicycle to visit places close to your stay and it is very convenient and available all around the city.

There are multiple transportation passes are available for commuters, which you can buy based on your duration of stay. You can use these passes on buses, trams, and ferries as well as on metro trains. The pass will only be activated after the first use and then you can count the time of deactivation. 

Amsterdam’s local transportation passes

Local travel pass: GVB

Bicycle rent: Rent a Bike

Language in Amsterdam

When you are traveling out of your country language is one of the most concerning. Locals in Amsterdam speak Dutch, which is the only official language in the Netherlands. But this should not be a concern for you because around 90 to 93% of Dutch speak and understand the English language. So, you can easily communicate with the locals while you are on a vacation in Amsterdam.

Foods you must try in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is not just famous for its beautiful canals and architecture but also for its food. There is a variety of delicious food options available for you, which you must try on your Amsterdam trip. Traditional Dutch dishes like Stamppot, Hutspot, and Snert are not as famous as Dutch Kaas and Pancake but you should eat such dishes once you are in Amsterdam.

There are multiple food options available in Amsterdam for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Bitterballen is one of the most loved cuisines which you can enjoy with your drink and how can you not try Muffins and Pastries when you are in the Netherlands? Food prices would depend on the kind of restaurant you are visiting and they can start as low as USD $3 for a sandwich.

Which currency to use in Amsterdam?

You can use Euro in Amsterdam, as the Netherlands is a part of the European Union. They don’t accept any other currency so you will have to exchange your home currency in Amsterdam. If you have international transactions activated on your Debit or Credit cards you can use that for payment.

You can exchange Euro at the airport but there will be high transaction charges. There are multiple currency stores available in the city, like Pott Change, Sunro Change BV, and GWK Travelex Amsterdam. You can also withdraw Euro from the local ATM in Amsterdam for that you will have to pay the transaction charges to your bank.

Best places to visit in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is one of the most visited cities in Europe and it has a lot to see. If you are an art fan, then believe me you are going to fall in love with the place. There are a number of museums which you must visit when you are in Amsterdam. Let’s take a look at some of the most amazing and visited attractions in this Amsterdam Travel Guide.

Rijksmuseum is one of the most visited museums in the Netherlands

Rijksmuseum is one of the most visited museums in the whole Netherlands, so if you are in Amsterdam don’t forget to go there.  The museum in Amsterdam stores 800 years old Dutch history. You will witness the magnificent art and culture of the Netherlands and many other countries in this museum.

Rijksmuseum can display over 8000 pieces of art at a time and has over a million pieces of artwork stored. You can visit this museum to witness the artwork of artists like Vermeer, Rembrandt, and Van Gogh. This museum opens early morning at 9 am and closes at 5 pm, you need a minimum of 4 to 5 hours to visit the museum.

Address: Museumstraat 1, 1071 XX Amsterdam, Netherlands (location)

Opening hours: 9 am to 5 pm

Entry fee: € 20.00 (Online ticket)

Contact: +31206 747000

Anne Frank House, the story of a Jewish girl

Anne Frank House is situated on the Prinsengracht canal and very close to the Westerkerk in central Amsterdam. During world war 2 a Jewish girl Anne Frank was hiding in this house for two years. Anne left her diary and died but her diary got published in 1947 as The Diary of a Young Girl.

The house where she was staying was converted into a museum and shows her life in those two years during the war. You can see the diary in the museum along with some other stuff she used. You will have to book online tickets to visit the Anne Frank House. For adults, the ticket cost is 9 Euro and for 10-17 years old its 7 Euro, and Euro 1 for those below 10 years old.

Address: Westermarkt 20, 1016 GV Amsterdam, Netherlands (location)

Opening hours: 9 am to 10 pm

Entry fee: € 26.00 (adult) (Online ticket)

Contact: +312055 67105

Royal Palace of Amsterdam

amsterdam travel guide

Royal Palace of Amsterdam is a must-visit place in Amsterdam. It is one of the three palaces in the Netherlands and used to be the most prestigious building in the 17th century. The Royal palace of Amsterdam is still used by the royal family and hosts all the royal events in Amsterdam.

The palace was built as a city hall and later King Louis Napoleon started living at this palace. There are many rooms where you can visit and experience the outstanding royal art of the Netherlands. You need to make an online reservation or take a ticket from the Palace counter, the ticket cost is 10 euros for an adult.

Address: Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 147, 1012 RJ Amsterdam, Netherlands (location)

Opening hours: 10 am to 5 pm

Entry fee: € 12.50 (adult) (Online ticket)

Contact: +31205 226161

The Jordaan, the most happening place in Amsterdam

Jordaan is one of the most popular destinations for first-time visitors in Amsterdam. This place is famous for beautiful canals, restaurants, and pubs, and walking through Jordaan is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Built-in the 17th century in the center of Amsterdam this place is a picture-perfect place to get clicked.

The narrow alleys and the colorful 17th-century houses around the canals get mesmerizing after evening. You will find many street-side restaurants and fine dining places in this neighborhood. So if you are in Amsterdam, don’t miss taking a walk around Jordaan and enjoying the nightlife of the city.

Address: Amsterdam, Netherlands (location)

Opening hours: 24 hours

Entry fee: free

Dam Square, the city center of Amsterdam

Dam Square is also known as the city center of Amsterdam and is very popular amongst first-time visitors. There are many popular tourist destinations around the square so you will find lots of tourist roaming and clicking pictures at Dam Square. Madam Tussauds Wax Museum, National Memorial Statue, and The Royals Palace are also close to this place.

Apart from popular attractions, there are many shops selling souvenirs and restaurants available in the Square. You can also see many local artists performing at the square which is a great source of entertainment at Dam Square. This place is also popular among international travelers as there are many hotels around this place.

Address: Amsterdam, Netherlands (location)

Opening hours: 24 hours

Entry fee: free

Important apps to download

GVP travel, local transportation information app

Android / iOS

Uber app-based taxi

Android / iOS

Uber an online food app

Android / iOS

Thuisbezorgd online food app

Android / iOS

Google translate

Android / iOS

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