About Me

Hi! I am Shatabdi, an Indian travel writer, and YouTuber. I started my career as an investment banker and worked for India’s largest private sector bank. But very soon I realized that corporate life is not meant for me and I’ll have to make my own way, so I left my well-paid job to travel around the world.

In 2020, I decided to quit my corporate career and become a full-time travel blogger. I started this journey by recording videos and clicking my travel experience. Now adding a feather to that I have started writing about my experience, and connecting with my audience.

While traveling alone, I have faced many challenges and millions of joys. The purpose of creating this blog is to share those challenges with you all and how to deal with them. I also would love to hear your travel stories and share them with a large audience and hope it’ll help them.

My Story

I was born and brought up in Northeast India, my parents wanted me to become an Engineer (Parents…not me…LoL). After completing my engineering I started to work in various tourism businesses and later joined a private bank. I worked there for four long years but I was not happy with the work culture.

It was time when I traveled to Hong Kong, my first international travel experience. The journey started with lots of problems, I had to cancel my tickets (Non-refundable) and then wait at the Hong Kong immigration counter for a few extra minutes (Coz of my mistake). But the overall experience was amazing and I always wanted to share those mistakes with people traveling to Hong Kong, but I didn’t know how to do that. Now I have this blog and it’s one of the purposes to create this platform.  

If you have any travel stories which can help others to make their journey smooth and happy, please feel free to share. Very soon I am going to launch a section for travel stories in this blog to help each other.

I love to click pictures and share them on my Instagram, so you can follow me on Instagram to get all the updates on my journey.

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