9 tips for solo female travelers.

solo female travel

Things to take care of as a solo female traveler.

The world is beautiful, and we all want to explore its serene beauty. Today it’s very convenient to travel around the world and it’s equally easy to get information about the destination before you reach there. But sometimes it’s not as easy as it looks for solo female travelers. You will need a lot of confidence and courage to hit the road alone but trust me it’ll boost your confidence.

Traveling alone is the best feeling you will ever get, the freedom to roam around without being answerable to anyone. But before that, there is a lot to take care of as a solo female traveler, like safety and taking care of her own personal hygiene. Based on my personal experience I have some tips for all solo female travelers, which I would like to share.

How to choose a perfect destination?

We always have a dream destination and wish to go there once in our lifetime. But sometimes it’s very difficult to execute our plans. There are various reasons for that, like the difficult visa process, high budget, and personal safety. So, let’s talk about how to select a perfect travel destination for a solo female traveler.

The first and most important concern is, whether are you traveling out of your country or within your country. I have made a guide “How to plan an international trip” please check the article for your reference. If your destination is within your own country then please check the accessibility to the place and if you are traveling out of your country, then please check the visa process and all other travel guidelines. Because sometimes getting a visa can be a lengthy task and the embassy may reject your visa.

You should always check if there are good hotels or hostels to stay in the city and try to book your accommodation in the city not out of the city. Please check about the local food, are you comfortable with their local food as sometimes it can be a big challenge. Always read the review of hotels, you are booking for your stay.

Inform someone about your travel plans.

If you are traveling alone, please inform your parents or some close friends about your travel itinerary. It helps in case of any unwanted situation because you never know the problems you may face during your trip. So, just to get emergency help please inform your travel plans to your near ones. It’ll also help you in case of any medical problems or if you need any money on your trip in case of getting robbed during your travel.

Don’t share too much with strangers.

Solo Female Traveler

We meet some amazing people on our trip to various cities and countries. Some people give us lifetime memories, and some give us pain for life. When you are traveling alone never share too much information with any strangers, like where you are staying and what’s your travel plans. You never know if the people you are talking with can use all your information to harm you or take advantage. So, it’s always advisable to maintain a proper relationship with strangers when you are a solo female traveler.

Keep your personal hygiene stuff with you.

When you are traveling alone, it’s very important to take care of your personal hygiene. If it’s a big city, you may get all that you want in just walking distance but it’s always an issue in small cities. Sometimes you may get the requirement for specific personal hygiene products, so it’s always advisable to keep all your stuff before you leave your home.

Money management.

Solo Female Traveler

The most important part of any travel plan is the budget. You should always keep some extra cash while you are traveling, you don’t know when you need it. Sometimes we spend the extra money and at the end of the trip, the budget goes high. If you are traveling out of your country, keeping track of your expenses is important, and avoid withdrawing money multiple times.

How to pack your bag?

People always say pack light and travel free, it’s correct. If you are a solo female traveler, it’s important to be smart while packing your bag. If you are traveling by air, you’ll have to pay for extra weight, if it’s more than the allowed baggage. If you are traveling from one to another city, carrying a big bag would be a problem as sometimes you may need to walk with it. So always remember to pack your bag with all the necessary stuff, keep clothes keeping your destination in mind.

How to roam around?

It is another important factor while you are traveling alone. If possible, try to hire your own vehicle and book a cab from your hotel if you cannot drive. You can also use public transportation as it can be a safe way to roam around the city. Sometimes strangers may offer you a lift but never take a lift from a stranger as it may not be safe.

Dress appropriate

We always forget about the kind of dress we should wear while traveling. It’s very important to respect the local culture where you are traveling and dress accordingly. As a solo female traveler, you should avoid wearing uncomfortable dresses. There are good and bad people all around the world and wearing an inappropriate dress can invite bad eyes on you. It may sound silly but believe me, it’s very important and you should take care of it.

Social media updates

Please avoid updating your social media when you are in the same city. As it can expose your personal information to unethical people. As we all know, now a day on every social media platform there are options for the exact location. We all have a habit of updating our checking to any hotel we stay in, please avoid doing this when you are traveling alone.

Important apps to download

DigiLocker for online storage of document

Android / iOS

WhatsApp Messenger for online calls and Messages

Android / iOS

Uber online taxi (works in most countries)

Android / iOS

Booking.com hotel booking

Android / iOS

Tripadvisor, destination’s review

Android / iOS

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